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29 Août 2003 - Newsbrief N°

100 Albums You Should Remove
from Your Collection

Un LOTD pour toi qui aime l'anglais,

Petite lecture amusante du Vendredi, cette liste établie par un e-zine US, liste intitulée:
"One Hundred Albums You Should Remove
from Your Collection Immediately"

Evidemment, pas de cibles faciles, sinon ce serait pas drôle, mais des albums plutot 'intouchables', qui globalement se repartissent selon ces catégories:

- Critically bullet-proof artifacts whose weighty presence on the shelf is complimented perfectly by their perpetual absence from the CD player [...]

- Albums by new artists that have only their newness and the marketing efforts of music conglomerates to recommend them. Almost invariably, these recordings pale in comparison to those of the artists they imitate [...]

- Nostalgic favorites that maintain their place by tradition and neglect more than actual merit. These are the CDs people never get rid of because they may want to play them some time in the indefinite future (certainly not now) [...]

La liste est visible à ce lien :
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