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4 septembre 2000 - Newsbrief N°


Like most good looking people,
the DANDY WARHOLS are quite photogenic.
After seeing these pictures,
we're sure you'll want to have sex with all of them.

(extrait du site officiel)

Les DANDY WARHOLS seront en France la semaine prochaine !

Lundi 11 septembre, sur le plateau de Nulle Part Ailleurs,
Mardi 12 septembre, sur la scène du Trabendo.

Ici, à la rédaction de SDEP, on est complêtement affolés à cette parspective.
Pourquoi ?
Parce que leur dernier LP "13 Tales from Urban bohemia" rythme nos nuits,
et parce que Zia Mc Cabe hante nos nuits.
Check these links :
Chronique sur l'album
Chronique sur Zia Mc Cabe

Les DANDY WARHOLS affolent également le Web mondial, morceau choisi :
" I often wonder how they did it. Starting for fun, lead singer Courtney Taylor who had spent years as a drummer in Beauty Stab, was convinced to start playing guitar by Peter Holstrom. Courtney called up Zia McCabe to ask her if she wanted to join.
The conversation went something like this:
C. We're forming a band, can you play guitar?
Z. No
C. Can you play bass or drums?
Z. No
C. Can you play anything?
Z. No
C. Want to join anyway?
Zia now plays a KORG organ with one hand and either smoke drinks or plays tamborine with the other. "

The last truly sexy rock band

Le site officiel du groupe est un modèle du genre, très souvent actualisé :


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