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18 juillet 2000 - Newsbrief N°

TAMPoPo / Bad taste in House

Sumo's back / "Sumo de House" TAMPoPo is back !

New Mil Records 12" single (Tijuana-mexico) 'NortecUno' featuring the new explosive 70s-plastic-house track by Fussible 'CASINO SOUL' and the long-awaited 'Giant Swarm remix' of 'Odyssea2000' by Tampopo versus MewiMewi

Listen to this track (real-audio)

Who's the guy ? / TAMPoPo's bio
The latest incorporation in the francophone subdivision (Miss Kittin and The Hacker, David Caretta, Terence Fixmer) of International Deejay Gigolos Records is Tampopo, who from Toulouse sets out on a crusade to re-establish bad taste in House.
Distorded bass, manga-ghetto sounds and a none too hidden passion for the dirty side of Chicago, are the distinguish marks of a man who, like Christopher Just, is a master of oscillating between the arty and the boorish…

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