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Les News Interplanétaires de Soit dit en Passant
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18 janvier 2000 - Newsbrief N°
Cornershop does Clinton

Astralwerks Records will be releasing the debut full length album from Clinton, "Disco And The Halfway To Discontent," on January 25, 2000. Clinton is Tjinder Singh and Ben Ayres, the duo behind Cornershop. Clinton makes beat based songs coupled with technology - basically taking Cornershop out of the rock clubs and on to the dancefloor. "Disco And The Halfway To Discontent" is an album made up with decades of dancefloor influences. Songs range from seventies funk to nineties French new House, via eighties hip hop, and all held together with a whole lot of humor and the idea of "taking disco heat on the street." Tune in to a listening party sponsored by Astralwerks and Yahoo starting January 18th and watch for a special Yahoo chat with Tjinder also on January 18th.

<IMG SRC="../shockwaves/clinton.jpg" WIDTH=530 HEIGHT=275 BORDER=0 USEMAP="#clintonMap">

Get a taste of Clinton @

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