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2 août 1999 - Newsbrief N°
New Space Raiders Single

Check this out ! Skint's latest news release :

Hello there, just thought we would let you know that we are releasing a single by the b on Monday 2nd August.

It's the track Disko Doktor from their wonderful debut LP 'Don't Be Daft'. It kind of emerged as a favourite for many people and we were forced at gunpoint to get some remixes and release it as a single. It's been reworked by local Brighton boys Phats & Small, Groove Armada and Clockwork Voodoo Freaks who had a track on the Fatboy Slim mix album. So there's a fairly good chance you'll like one of them, if not all as we do. We've got a very good video as well which you should see on MTV if you ever watch it.

There's stuff on all Skint artists at

Space Raiders "Disko Doktor" is out 2nd August on 2xCD and 12".
Req's "Daily Beats 2" came out on the 26th of July.
Indian Ropemans "Sunshine Of Your Love" is scheduled for September 13.


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[archive 1999#15] [archive 1999#16] Consultez les archives !