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Les News Interplanétaires de Soit dit en Passant
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05 juillet 1999 - Newsbrief N°

PRIMAL SCREAM have been working with David Holmes on their forthcoming as-yet-untitled album.

The band were inspired to work with Holmes after hearing the music he had written for a '1.5million Absolut Vodka advert. Taking the track as the model, they rerecorded it as 'Sick City' with added vocals. Holmes also collaborates on another new Scream track called 'Gun Shy'. Described by Holmes as "jazz punk", it features a brass section.

 As for the work the band have done so far with Kevin Shields, Holmes told NME it "sounds like Joy Division with a 4/4 beat".

 The Chemicals Brothers are tipped to work on a track titled 'The Girl With The Swastika Eyes'. NME understands a white label of the high-bpm track will be released to DJs next month.

 Meanwhile, a new Primal Scream single is planned for release this autumn, with the LP following in the new year through Creation.

 Bobby Gillespie countered Mani's claims in NME last week that the new album sounded like "Abba, The Real Thing and Frankie Goes To Hollywood".

 Gillespie, who didn't want to give anything away, told NME: "It's not mixed yet, but so far it's really up, really heavy-sounding and propulsive. It's different from the last one (1997's 'Vanishing Point'), but we've just got to get it finished. I want people to hear it as a whole, because the tracks are so different from each other."

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