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Les News Interplanétaires de Soit dit en Passant
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22 juin 1999 - Newsbrief N°
Skint At Uni Degree Shows

If you're planning a jaunt to the seaside, you may like to know that Skint act, Space Raiders are due to play at the July 1 end of shows' party for Burt Brill & Cardens' Graduate Show '99 at the University of Brighton.

The shows run from Saturday 26 June to Thursday 1 July, when the University of Brighton (Grand Parade site) becomes the largest gallery in the South East. All visitors can enjoy free entertainment while absorbing the multitude of art, fashion, ceramics, print, sculpture, design and cutting edge performance on display. There's also a wealth of other fine entertainment from sultry jazz and samba sounds to cabaret throughout the week. It's a Mecca for contemporary arts addicts! You can check the website for further info.


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