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Les News Interplanétaires de Soit dit en Passant
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25 mai 1999 - Newsbrief N° / Indian Ropeman album

Brighton's resident king of sitar funk presents his debut album...

Produced by Sanj Sen, a lad whose knowledge of samplers, synths and sequencers is equated by a mastery of strings, stylophones and sitars, 'Elephant Sounds' is the sound of Skint after hours. Eleven tracks of atmospheric beat delight from the self proclaimed chairman of the board. A heady Bombay mix that takes in Brighton and the Bronx on its sonic journey around the globe.

'Elephant Sounds' brings together a host of different grooves and moves. The singles 'IRM', the Jerky Boys sampling 'Dog In The Piano' (presented here in its new 'Pub Rok' mix) and the latest '66 Metres', which features the fine vocals of Shahin Badar (her sublime hollering was featured on The Prodigy's 'Smack My Bitch Up') have now been joined by a squadron of other greats. . While most albums today seem to be just a crafty collection of samples and other people's music, it's great to hear someone going down the 'original' music path. Lovingly produced, on 'Elephant Sounds' his multi instrumental abilities come shining through. An all round result.

On the gig front, Indian Ropeman's four piece tuskforce have really been doing the business. With Sanj at the helm, the IRM live experience includes a drummer, bass guitarist (Under 5's recording artiste Danielsan) and a scratch decknician. After rocking the massive 'Skint In February' tour, they were invited by the Fun Lovin Criminals to support on European manoeuvres last month. Expect a host of gigs in the forthcoming months, including an LP launch at the Big Beat Boutique Scala at the beginning of June.

Time to dig those 'Elephant Sounds'. It's going to be an Indian summer...

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