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      Dr ZOOT  

1925 Prague Hardtsheskta University Graduate (majored in Golem / Nos feratu creatures Sciences). Banned in 1933 from the entire Middle European scientific community for keeping secret his everlasting youth diet formula. Dr ZOOT kept ever since then his 1933 physical look.
Dr ZOOT spends his days chasing cats, which he eats with his secret "préparée" soy sauce.


She's another international hispanic woman of mystery. She always give her victims the delightful show of her very own flamenco death dance. There is no secret that SOON can't break, there is just no man she can't break either.


JOE is the world greatest flying ravioli rider. Before this pilot career, he used to be South Africa most respected and celebrated flatulist, farting up the wind of change and inter-racial love.


He is young, he is handsome and bouncing. TIGROO was raised in a grotto he left when he discovered how high he could leap. Leaping and bouncing in the grotto was just too tricky. "Watch yer head kid!". So TIGROO stepped out the safe home cave and got himself bouncing in the wild open world.

      MAMY BLUE  

MAMY BLUE is an ancient voodoo priest brought back from the dead by a bunch of school boys who started digging under their physics lab in Bahia. The school was built on sacred Karaby ground. Freed, MAMY BLUE ate the kids (as he always used to) and kept lingering through the Caribbean islands.


Baby boy ZOLLYWOOD was found by LOFFELEI the Klown in an empty motel room in Clark, Nevada. LOFFELEI treated ZOLLYWOOD like his own flesh and blood. LOFFELEI taught ZOLLYWOOD the arts of juggling, contorsionism, comedy and flying trapeze.
When he turned 21, ZOLLYWOOD joined the army. He spend two years in the 82nd Airborne before quitting. In the army ZOLLYWOOD learned guns and close combat techniques. Those experiences made him the mightiest killer klown on Earth. His motto : "When you're dead, no one can hear you laugh".


On a stormy summer night GUANE and XANTANE's house was stroke by lightning. Their young niece LOR was caught in a pouring fire. She did not die, she did not get burnt. Ever since that day LOR never got asleep. She is filled with a 10,000 volts electric energy that keeps her awake night and day.
Her aunties, GUANE and XANTANE taught her how to crush new born babies' head with a rock, so she could eat their brain with eggs and bacon at breakfast and never be hungry.


Born in a cross-fire hurricane, KOKOSNOOT was drowned, washed up and left for dead whilst his mother surprisingly chose to raise KOKOSNOOT's evil twin, HAZELNOOT. Found at the river shore by one of Pharaoh's maids, KOKOSNOOT was raised in an ancient egyptian secret palace. In his early teens years, he crossed the sacred stargate and stepped into our world, chasing his evil twin HAZELNOOT.


MARTIN was an ordinary kid, until an old Japanese samurai knight popped out of his Atari 2600 game set. MARTIN then turned into MARUTAN, half flesh / half bytes, super being.


MIA is a former classical ballet dancer. One night, as his car broke down, he asked for help at the nearest house around. The place appeared to be an illegal underground disco club. As he entered inside the club and stepped on the dance floor, the disco beat filled his whole body and MIA danced all night long. MIA left the ballet. He spends most of his time working out new dance steps in his neighborhood.


FRANCK played chess against Death once. Yes, he really did. He did loose. Actually Death cheated. Death don't like loosing games, especially in front of cameras. Ever since the day Bergman tricked him into playing while he was high under swedish acids, Death is escorted by a barbershop quartet singing while his opponent try to concentrate. FRANCK wasn't sent to Hell because Death was on holiday. Death never mixes work and holiday.


No one really knows who's GABARDINE. He is handsome and everyone is getting wild when is around. GABARDINE's really hot, when he hangs around the place the girls scream whilst the boys are either jalous or turned on.


GALINETTE is a female cyborg created by HAZELNOOT the Evil. The cybernetic creature escaped HAZELNOOT's lab when he tried to sexually harass her. GALINETTE has been wandering through despair and the dark fields of pain for years before she met Dr ZOOT, KOKOSNOOT and ZOLLYWOOD. They gave her protection in exchange for the secrets GALINETTE had collected when she was around HAZELNOOT.


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