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"J'aimerais être Sid Vicious et chanter My Way"
Emir Kusturica recevant la Palme d'Or.

"Qu'importe la musique, pourvu qu'on ait l'attitude"
Sid Vicious, repris 23 ans plus tard par Pierre Priot.



Have you actually been waiting for years before cleansing my jeans, mum ?

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SID VICIOUS may have committed suicide, claims the maker of the new SEX PISTOLS film 'THE FILTH AND THE FURY’.

In an interview with NME, director Julien Temple, a long-time associate of the Pistols, claims he's seen a suicide note allegedly written by Sid, claiming he didn't kill his girlfriend Nancy Spungen, who was found dead in New York's Chelsea Hotel with a knife in her belly in October 1978.

Sid himself was found dead in his mother's apartment in February 1979, and it was originally thought he'd accidentally overdosed on heroin, but now Temple's claiming Sid may have taken his own life.

When NME recently asked Temple whether he'd consider making any more films about the Pistols, he said: "You never know. I saw this suicide note that I'd never seen before - they found this note in Sid's jeans after years and years.

"A pair of jeans that his mother kept, apparently. She gave it to this guy before she died and it's definitely Sid's writing, just making it clear that he didn't kill Nancy. It was in the back pocket of his drainpipes."


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